Student Services

Queens College of Vocational Education offers a free training support service available all students who have any questions or difficulties regarding their current training or employment as well as their future career development.   The service aims to provide students with the information they need to help their own academic and career path. Our staff can assist you with questions regarding training and career pathways and opportunities, personal development opportunities, work placement and/or any other training / industry related questions.

This service offers practical answers to most of the questions and challenges faced by students in relation to their training and/or career. We are here to help and will always try to source the information you need to feel supported or refer you to an appropriate internal or external service if required.


Queens College of Vocational Education provides an orientation program before the commencement of the training course to cover issues such as:

  • Information relating to studying and living in Australia, including visa conditions, attendance and participation requirements,
  • Student support services available to students in the transition to life and study in a new environment,
  • Legal services,
  • Emergency and health services,
  • Facilities and resources,
  • Complaints and appeals process.

International Student Support

Queens College of Vocational Education provides assistance to international students and their families, from arrival to departure. Queens College of Vocational Education has an International Student Support Officer (ISSO) who is responsible for helping overseas student settle in to living and studying in Australia, the ISSO will make contact with overseas students immediately after their arrival in Australia and will provide assistance whenever necessary during your stay.

Accommodation for Students

Students can choose from a variety of options for their stay in Melbourne. There are several hostels, or homes that accommodate students if you do not wish to rent your own house. Room sharing is a common practice and different options can be also viewed on "The Pad"( which assists with finding affordable accommodation.